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    Our earFold procedure is performed in less than 20 minutes, under local anaesthesia, with immediate correction and rapid recovery. We also offer a range of other surgical techniques, for the correction of all issues relating to ear prominence. Your surgeon will be able to advise on the most appropriate treatment at your assessment.

How earFold™ works

Who is suitable for the earFold™ implant?

EarFold™ is suitable for almost every individual who suffers from prominent ears, your suitability will be assessed at your first consultation. People with prominent ears that are caused by the absence or the poor development of the anti-helical fold will benefit most from earFold™.


However, in some cases, prominence can also be due to a very deep conchal bowl. In such cases, earFold™ may be able to improve the prominence, but will not correct it altogether. Either way, your surgeon will take time to explain this during this initial consultation.


There is no upper age limit for the procedure. At Medcentres Plus, we currently offer earFold to patients over 18 years of age. For children, we are able to offer a variety of other correctional procedures, such as pinnaplasty, under either general or local anaesthetic.


The earFold™ implant is also an excellent solution for people with asymmetric ears, where one ear is more prominent than the other. This is because it is possible to ensure that the right number of implants are placed in just the correct position to achieve satisfactory symmetry.

How does the earFold™ implant work?

The implant works by reshaping your ears with a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes. A local anaesthetic injection is used to completely numb the ear. The earFold™ implants are then introduced under the skin of the ear via a small incision using a specially designed medical instrument. Once in place, the implant grips the cartilage of the ear and immediately adopts the pre-decided shape.

The earFold™ implant enhances the shape of the anti-helical fold, reducing the prominence of the ear. The incision is then closed and whilst in place, the implant remolds the cartilage of the ear, allowing it to maintain its new shape and position.

The earFold™ implant is made from a super-elastic metal alloy, so your ear can still be moved in a natural way whilst the implant is in place.

What is the earFold™ implant?

The implant is made from a short strip of nitinol metal alloy. Nitinol alloy is made of two metals, titanium and nickel and is widely used in medicine, for example in self-expanding coronary stents. It is incredibly robust and consists of a curved, wafer-thin strip of metal (approximately the same thickness as a human hair) which is plated with 24-carat gold to reduce the visibility of the implant under the skin.

The earFold™ implant has undergone extensive laboratory and human clinical testing over a period of several years. You will be able to handle and inspect the implant when you visit your consultant.

Adjacent is an image of the implant, shown to scale against a one pound coin.

Our Experts

Mrs. Diana Slade-Sharman
Cosmetic Surgeon
Mr Mansoor Khan
Cosmetic Surgeon
Lucinda Doak
Lead Nurse
Lisa Bradley
Cosmetic Nurse


earFold – June 2016
“Having attended a London clinic for a consultation for earfold I was uncomfortable with the service & then found Medcentres Plus online. I have now had the earfold procedure & was very happy with the total care given. ”

Ear Surgery – March 2017
“Had minor surgery which was carried out in a superb environment. All staff were extremely considerate & helpful. ”

2 earFold Clips – July 2014
“I couldn't be any happier with the results.
Thank you so much for everything, the procedure itself was so quick and easy, Mr Khan put me at ease as well as yourself and all the nurses. The aftercare and follow up checks were outstanding I never imagined I would receive such an incredible service and experience.
Thank you all again so much for everything it really has changed my life.”


One Implant

Initial Consultation £150
All Follow-Up Appointments Included


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Two Implants

Initial Consultation £150
All Follow-Up Appointments Included


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Three Impants

Initial Consultation £150
All Follow-Up Appointments Included


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Four Implants

Initial Consultation £150
All Follow-Up Appointments Included


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Pricing Details

During your initial assessment, your surgeon will assess your suitability for surgery. This thorough assessment with the surgeon costs £150, and will advise you of the different options available to you for Ear Correction including Earfold. Your surgeon will discuss the treatment options most appropriate for you, which in the case of earFold will include determining the number and position of the implants required.

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